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Alexis is NINE! (November 17, 2006)
Beautiful Alexis  
Brooklyn is ready!
  Happy Robert Amy and Karen    
Sisters together in Arizona! (Summer 2006)
Mary, Jason, Gary, Liz, Shannon, Ruth
  Jason and Liz Ruth and Shannon    

Ruth and Kaylea



Bobby and Cheryl

(Homecoming 2006)

  Mary, Jason, Liz and Gary    
Birthday girl! Brooklyn is Two!
  Alexis - look at those eyes!
  What does that mean in Italian, Robert?
Daddy's girl    
Brooklyn goes for a ride
  Alexis, Amy and Brooklyn
  I know there is something else in there
Happy: Karen and Robert    
Monterey, October 2006          
belinda & Mark   Joe, Julie and Jake   what wrinkles? who took this picture anyway? Joe pointing    
Chelsea   Bobby and Josh   Bobby Jon and Diana