A few years ago we met some lovely people who are dedicated to helping AIDS orphans in Kenya.

They provide funding for orphanages, schools, goats, chickens, healthcare and trade schools for some of the most precious kids I've ever seen.

  Voices from Kenya, 2004, collage on canvas, 36x48 in.

Karen Ande, who is a Documentary Photographer, and her husband, Jeff Johnson go over there several times a year and actually roll up their sleves and do whatever it takes to help. You can see Karen's photos at

It's a heartbreaking situation, but Karen captures the shy smiles and joyful, playing children who do get enough to eat, and go to school every day, and do not have to live in the streets, because of their work.

I wanted to do something that was my own contribution, and I didn't really see myself going to Kenya. This didn't seem like a watercolor project, which was my usual medium. I ended up making a collage on canvas - for which Karen graciously allowed me to use her photos to express myself. The tree is strips of birch bark, with printed lines of text from email messages about the kids and the progress of the various projects. Voices from Kenya is not a feel-good piece of work, it's simply my view of their world. I am ever grateful that this challenge led me to acrylic paints and the large canvases.

A portion of all proceeds from my work are donated to this little piece of the world where I absolutely know it is doing some good.